Top 5 Pets most loved by young people

Top 5 Pets most loved by young people

Pets or pets are animals raised for ornamental purposes, cuddled and cherished under human care. Today, pets are not only popular with two species of dog and cat, but also with the participation of reptiles, insects... even wild animals. Join to list the most popular and favorite pets among young people today!

Top 5 Pets most loved by young people

Hamster mouse

The hamster, also known as the golden ground mouse, is a rodent in the subfamily Cricetinae, which includes 25 species in 6 or 7 different genera. Hamsters are small and lovely mice, so now many young people around the world and Vietnam like to keep them as pets. Before actually becoming pets, they were used by scientists as drug test subjects thanks to their quite human-like properties

Hams are small in size; Soft fur covers the entire body. They have many different types and colors (black, gray, yellow, white, pure white, golden...). Hams have tails but are extremely short and have a thin coat of fur. Thanks to the above characteristics, Hamster has caused a fever in the pet community thanks to the above super cute features.

As omnivores, Hams are easy to raise. You can feed them vegetables, fruits... candies. However, it should be noted that they cannot eat spicy, sour and bitter flavors. They love to eat legumes. You can give them cold (no ice) soft drinks. But do not give Hamster coffee, tea, fruit juice to avoid hamster pain and stomach perforation.

Hamster farming needs to have a cage to raise and shielding fences (glass bars, iron fences, ...) so that they can't escape. Buy barn liners (sawdust is thin and it's not sawdust in forging; can replace sawdust with scattered toilet paper;...). Regularly change the lining every 3 days to prevent harmful bacteria from accumulating and causing disease. Or you can go to the pet store and find a suitable cage for your Hams with the most complete facilities. .

The price of Hamster is also quite affordable, only from 100,000 - 200,000, you already own a lovely Hamster.

Top 5 Pets most loved by young people

Top 5 Pets most loved by young people

Ornamental hedgehog

Ornamental hedgehog, also known as house porcupine or dwarf porcupine, also known as African dwarf porcupine, is a species of porcupine domesticated from wild hedgehogs and now being raised and become a strange pet. Hedgehog was originally a wild animal, but now it is gradually being domesticated into a pet close to humans. And with their funny appearance, they are also loved by young people. Although the shape of the ornamental hedgehog resembles a common hedgehog, with sharp spines on its back, the ornamental hedgehog is a species of the shrew family. They have a characteristic small, pointed mouth, short legs, and are rather slow. The special thing is that although the porcupine looks dangerous, the hedgehog is not capable of causing injury to the owner. Hedgehogs do not have an unpleasant odor like other pets and are easy to clean.

Visually, male and female hedgehogs are very similar. To tell them apart, they have to be turned upside down. Males will have raised fleshy nipples on the abdomen, while females will be smooth.

Ordinary ornamental hedgehog, which is only white, chocolate, salt and pepper. The types of milk cow, pink or orange color are now due to genetic mutations, very rare, so they are priced higher than normal ones. The price of hedgehogs depends on the color of the feathers. Chocolate, salt and pepper, white porcupines are priced at 250,000 - 500,000 VND/head. Particularly, pintos color hedgehog (black white or gray white), the price is up to 1 million VND/head. In addition, the rare orange ones, hard to find, are 3 times higher than regular colors, up to 5 million VND/pair.

Raising hedgehogs only needs to be fed 4 meals a day and periodically cleaned and kept at a stable temperature, they will grow very well. Raising hedgehogs saves food because porcupines are omnivores, can feed porcupines with rice, meat, and vegetables, so it doesn't cost much. Or you can feed the hedgehog dry seeds, which cost about 23,000 VND/pack of 400 grams.

Top 5 Pets most loved by young people

Top 5 Pets most loved by young people

Australian flying squirrel

The Australian Flying Squirrel or Sugar Glider is a subspecies of the marsupial Petaurus breviceps native to the northeastern coast of Australia. They are arboreal and nocturnal squirrel-like species. Currently, they are popular to be kept as pets as the "unique pet" fashion of young people. But the process of caring for and raising this animal is quite a feat with a varied diet.

They have an extremely soft feather with a black stripe running down their body and possess a thin membrane extending from the middle of the arm to the end of the hind legs giving them the ability to fly up to 60-100 meters in a few seconds. They are forest-dwelling species.

Newborn flying squirrels will automatically get into a small bag in front of their mother's chest (like a kanguro) and suckle until they are stronger. Sugar Glider is quite intelligent like dogs. You can train them and especially if you play and name them often, they can remember their names. Sugar Glider is quite gentle, they can play with domestic pets such as dogs, cats, parrots. So you don't need to worry if there are other pets in the house that will hurt each other. Sugar Glider loves to climb, run and jump. The life expectancy of the Australian Flying Squirrel is quite high from 12-15 years.

They can eat processed meats such as chicken, shrimp, fish (boneless), beef. Processed eggs, boiled eggs with shells; Milk/Yoghurt. Natural food such as larvae of bugs, crickets, baby mice, insects, tree sap, nectar. Premium sources of cat food that aren't solid. These types of food you can easily get.

Currently, the price of a pair of Australian flying squirrels in Vietnam is about 3.5 to 4 million VND.

Top 5 Pets most loved by young people

Top 5 Pets most loved by young people


Otters are a group of marine or oceanic carnivorous mammals that are part of the weasel family Mustelidae, which includes weasels, ferrets, badgers, as well as a few others. However, recently they have also appeared as pets because of their lovely appearance.

Otters have thick fur that can keep them dry underwater and trap a layer of air to keep them warm. They have long, thin and flexible bodies; short and webbed feet. Most have sharp claws to capture prey, you can see the otters eat by picking food with their hands. Not only that, they can use their two front limbs to grasp and keep their balance very well.

Most otters eat fish as the top food on their menu, in addition to frogs, shrimp and crabs; Some specialize in eating numbers while others eat small mammals or birds. However, you can also feed them other pet foods, but not too hard.

Their price is about 5 million depending on each one, which has different prices.

Top 5 Pets most loved by young people

Top 5 Pets most loved by young people


Rabbits are small mammals in the family Leporidue in the order Lagomorpha, living in many parts of the world. We are also very familiar with them through the image of the jade rabbit in the fairy tale Uncle Cuoi. Rabbits are also known for their cute, fluffy fur. Therefore, it is very normal for rabbits to be pets.

A domestic rabbit can live up to 10 years or more. They love to throw toys around and gnaw on cardboard. In some families, rabbits can develop empathy for cats and dogs. Although kept in small cages, rabbits are also trained to be free-spirited pets like dogs and cats. If raised in the right environment and on the right diet, rabbits will live longer.

Choosing a rabbit cage is also very important. Care must be taken to ventilate the rabbit's cage. Iron cages are more suitable for ventilation and keeping the cage clean. However, iron cages are also vulnerable to pets if their feet are cut by the iron net or hit the nails in the meshes. Therefore, the floor of the cage should have a place where the rabbit's feet can rest. Iron cages are easier to clean than wooden cages. However, it is also advisable to place a paper or towel on the floor of the cage to prevent the rabbit's feet from being damaged by the wire.

With good care, rabbits will become friendly and happy. Rabbits are kept as pets in homes and gardens all over the world. Living in a rabbit house will be safer (not to mention cables and wires), from predators, disease-causing parasites and sudden temperature changes. Rabbits raised outside must have a den equipped and heated in winter and shaded in summer. Domestic rabbits are suitable for temperatures in the range of 10-25 degrees Celsius.

Rabbits are omnivores, so you can easily find them different foods besides the carrot image we often see. They are quite cheap, about 100,000 each.

Top 5 Pets most loved by young people